From Roots & Wings

From Roots & Wings

They say there are two lessons we can bequest on our children; give them roots, and give them wings. We feel this couldn’t be more true in what brought Local Twelve together. Our grandma gave us the roots to bind us, and although she is now wearing wings, we know we are coming together in a way that she would be proud of.

We have always been a close family. Getting together for birthdays, family dinners, Christmas and other important gatherings, and all being cousins close in age, meant immediate bonds. . . and, if we have to be honest, sometimes fighting like siblings!

Although we all took career and life paths that lead us in very different directions, we have all had an entrepreneur drive, an earning to do something we feel passionate about, and a desire to be in control of our own destiny.

Every year for the past 9 years, as a family, we have participated in the annual Walk for Hope. The walk to us, is not only a way that we honour and remember our Grandma, but it is a day that we all make time for, when we know we can put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life to focus on family. This year, as we walked, we started bantering about our businesses, our support for Alberta makers, for Canadian small business and about how people need a light in the midst of the darkness 2020 has dealt. 

From that banter and inspiration, an idea formulated. How can we bring local makers, small businesses, and creators together in a way that supports each other, brings happiness and joy to our communities, and gives back to others. We created Local Twelve with the holidays in mind, derived from the concept of the Advent Calendar and 12 days of Christmas, we wanted to create a box that gives people a daily gift with the element of surprise! To us, Local Twelve means supporting each other, giving people something to look forward to, and to encourage self-care and kindness.

We are excited to see how this venture of ours continues to grow. The response and support has already been amazing, and it has been so great to meet so many amazing small business owners and makers across our province, and Canada! For us, personally, it has also been so wonderful to work on something together and to see each other in a different light. Although we continue to be a close family, there are 8 kids between our team - so as you can imagine, often our get togethers are a bit chaotic!

We hope our Grandma is looking down with pride, and we can’t wait to bring a bit of light and joy into homes this holiday season!