Beeing Beautiful

Midnight Solstice Soy Candle - Beeing Beautiful

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Rich and warm with a hint of lavender that evokes moonlit moments and your favourite cologne, Midnight Solstice features notes of teakwood and sandalwood.

All of our natural, sustainable 100% soy wax candles are hand-poured to achieve an even scent that produces an unmatched and memorable blend of fragrance. Our premium ingredients never include parabens or phthalates, so you’re ensured an all-natural burn.

Each candle comes in a reusable matte white or matte black jar with a natural bamboo lid engraved with the signature Beeing Beautiful lotus flower, perfect for storing treasures or even trying your own hand at wax-poured candle-making.

Enjoy delicious scents and the crackle of our wooden wicks for a full-sensory experience and relax into new memories.